Gold Leaf Studios is an internationally recognized authority in the field of frame fabrication, conservation, and gilding, as well as large-scale architectural gilding.

The studio is located in Washington, DC.  Its clients include private collectors, museums, historic homes, and architectural and interior design firms.

After working for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery for ten years, William B. Adair founded Gold Leaf Studios in 1982.  The Studio makes frames using Renaissance-era techniques.  The Studio’s craftsmen are skilled in recreating frames with a wide variety of designs, from simple to ornate.  Gold Leaf Studios maintains museum standards of conservation, mounting and matting to protect and enhance artworks.  The Studio is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

In addition to creating custom frames, the Studio has a collection of more than three thousand antique frames, representing myriad periods of history.  The Studio is therefore able to provide clients with unparalleled options, in historic replicas, period frames and conservation.

Gold Leaf Studios has partnered with education foundations to develop an Artisan Training Program.  The program consists of an international series of gilding workshops, lectures and forums taught by Adair.  The Studio also teaches gilding workshops at the National Building Museum’s annual Festival of the Building Arts.

In addition to the Studio’s framing, gilding and conservation services, they advise clients on private art sales.

Gold Leaf Studios is located in a ten thousand square foot carriage house in Dupont Circle.  The carriage house, built in 1903, is tucked into a courtyard off of Massachusetts Avenue. Ample parking is available.

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